cleaning-systems - Washsystems

Since 1966, develops and builds KERRES equipment for food processing. The portfolio of KERRES group also includes the development and manufacture of washing systems. This washing systems are used for cleaning equipment in food production , but also for the chemical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. Clever engineering combined with quality process engineering are completely designed and built in our house in their own departments. Thanks to our experience we know that the cleaning of equipment and facilities must be hygienic , comfortable, and economical especially . The flexible design of our equipment offers the right system for your needs and any size of operation and ensures seamless integration into any business. Whether Crate car wash for cleaning and drying of boxes , shapes, and big- boxes or special washing machines for loading and Dolly - We are specialized to realize individual wishes.

In the branch washing, the KERRES product range is devided up in tunnel-washing machines, transport trolley washers and charging trolley washers. Washing machines for KLT, Blister and trays: storage containers made of plastic or metal, for example, for rotation parts - or electronic parts, known from automotive suppliers KLT-returnable containers, trays or big retail- and mail-boxes are difficult to clean and therefore require a special approach, to reach excellent washing and drying results. Our continuous machine was specially developed for cleaning of heavily contaminated boxes and equipment. The machine can be executed with one or two lanes, the side guides are adjustable without tools.

Through modern heating technology in the washing baths outstanding cleaning results are achieved. In larger machines the several-bath-technology reduces fresh water consumption and, at the same time the consumption of detergents and chemicals. If required, floating oils and dirt can be removed from the water by a plate separator. Well developed and effectively operating blowers remove via high-pressure fans reliably the residual water from the surface and allow a rapid reuse of the containers. Insulation (optional) reduce the energy requirement and reduce effectively the sound.

Tunnel washers cleanline: The tunnel washers cleanline were especially developed for cleaning heavily contaminated boxes and equipment. You can use them in all areas of the food and non-food industry for cleaning of plastic and metal boxes, pallets, ham - and pies molds. The hygienic equipment of this type of machine meets to the strict hygiene requirements of the food industry. Thanks to modular design the machine can be individually designed and can later easily be extended at any time. The machine is completely made of stainless steel and reaches its hygiene standards through a complex filter system. With their economical operation fast and efficient cleaning and drying is achieved.

Trolley washing machine KRW : The washing machine with front loading can be used in all areas of food and non-food industry and is suitable for cleaning of smoke, rack oven and utensil trolleys as well as other trolleys and sizes large containers. Thanks to multifunctionality different trolleys types and sizes can be cleaned in a washing cycle. The simple operation and programming is done only by pressing a key on the display of the machine. The display shows the washing cycles and the temperature values is displayed. The main washing cycle with four phases is individually regulated and the average duration is about 4 minutes. The main washing cycle is about 50 - 60 ° C, and the rinsing program has a disinfecting effect at 82 ° C. The cabinet can be mounted on the wall or on at the equipment. Of course, an emergency-off-switch is located at machine infeed . With a lot of additional accessories the machine, which is made completely of stainless steel, can be individually equipped.

Charging truck washer KBW: This washing machine can be used in all areas of food and non-food industry for cleaning of cutter bins and charging trucks and palox or big boxes. The machine can be completely integrated into the production process, thus less bins are needed within the production cycle and therefore extremely economical can be worked. A simple operation and finger touch programming is a KERRES standard and an automatic full program control through the computer of the machine is guaranteed. Washing cycles and temperature values can be seen on the display. The stainless steel multi-filters can be cleaned easily.