The Kerres-Group

Kerres smoke-air® and Kerres cleaning-systems - smoking, hot air cooking, cooking and washing systems for food and non-food industries.

Kerres smoke-air®: smoking, hot air cooking, cooking : " THE FINE ART OF SMOKING" KERRES provides smoking and cooking equipment all over the world

The swabian company KERRES from Backnang develops and sells, with its now more than 50 employees since the company´s foundation in April 1966 , smoking and cooking equipment to meat and fish processing companies all around the globe. Small businesses as well as the big industry in more than 50 countries around the world are convinced of the " fine type of smoking ". The products range comes from the combined cabinet CS 350, the small kitchen wonder for the catering business with up to 50 kg capacity, goes until the large industrial equipment for a batch capacity of up to 4 tons of dried, smoked and cooked product. Especially for the small and middle sized businesses KERRES offers a variety of customizable solutions, everywhere, where economic and environmental friendly hot treatment of food is requested. The program of universal systems for smoking and cooking is complemented with cooking kettles in a range from 250-1000 liters capacity, as well as the special cooking- , roasting- and intensive cooling houses. For the production of raw sausages and hams, as well as typical cold smoke products KERRES offers a well developed and approved clima - smoke – ripening and conditioning technology.

Kerres cleaning systems : washing systems for the food and non-food industry.

Since 1966, Kerres develops and builds equipment for food processing industry. Part of the portfolio of KERRES is the development and manufacturing of washing systems. This washing systems are used for cleaning equipment in the food production, but also for the chemical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. Intelligent engineering combined with quality process engineering are completely done and implemented in our own house within the different departments. Thanks to our experience we know that the cleaning of equipment and facilities must be especially hygienic, comfortable, and economical. The flexible design of our equipment offers the right configuration for every request and for any size of operation, it ensures seamless integration into any business. Whether crate tunnel washers for the cleaning and drying of boxes, molds-, or big- boxes, or special washing machines for loading and transport trolleys - We are specialized to realize individual wishes.