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Whether you have big plans or rather produce small quantities, need machines for the highest loads or individual use, at KERRES you will always find the right solution that will provide you with the best results for a long time. The product range extends from the CS 350 combination cabinet, the small kitchen miracle for the catering trade and the snack bar area with a capacity of up to 50 kg, to the large industrial system with which up to 4 tons can be dried, smoked and cooked in one batch. Many well-known brands and companies use our tailor-made systems because they are always on the safe side with KERRES.

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Since more than 25 years Kerres is the base of our products.

Dietmar Gretenkord

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Having used smokehouse for almost 50 years Kerres is the absolute best I have found: From the service to the results.

Edward Woods, President Woods Smoked Meats

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As a global automotive supplier it is crucial to deliver the parts in clean containers. The KERRES KLT – Washing System fulfills our requirements perfectly.

Marcus Börner, Leiter Ladungsträgermanagement, NIDEC GPM

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