Hybrid Air Technology

The KERRES innovation for more efficiency. And for good taste, of course.

The Hybrid Air System can only be found at KERRES and gives you a clear competitive advantage. With the newly developed hybrid air circulation system with exchangeable flaps for universal smoke cooking and baking systems, you as the user can operate the air circulation combined vertically and horizontally in every process and thus achieve up to 30% shorter process times, higher output, energy savings, less weight loss and an absolute uniformity with high car loads. Loading can be carried out hanging or lying on the smoke trolley. This means that, for example, beef jerky or lying mini salami can be treated evenly with up to 38 layers in these systems.

  • In addition to the best taste results, enjoy many other advantages:
  • Faster and more even heating of the products Shorter process times
  • Less weight loss due to reduced process times
  • Lower energy consumption due to shorter process times
  • The treatment trolleys can be loaded hanging or lying down with the greatest capacity
  • Loading capacity lying up to 40 layers with a 2850 system (industry standard size)
  • Absolute uniformity of the products on the individual levels of the treatment trolley

At KERRES, taste and quality always come first.

Even if we offer technical products, it is always about the quality of the end product. In the case of food, it is about the taste. That’s why we not only have a lot of experience with the development of plant systems, but also with the technology that benefits the taste.

The right technology for good business.

Modular: Each KERRES system consists of components that can be used individually, so that it is always perfectly suited to the area of application and operation.

Compact and fully insulated: Each module of a KERRES system is perfectly insulated, compact and extremely economical, stable and future-proof.

Efficient and economical: Thanks to the perfect air circulation of the KERRES Hybrid Air Technology, your production is more efficient and economical than usual.

Universally applicable: Whatever you are planning and whatever finishing process you are planning in whatever quantity – the KERRES Hybrid Air Technology always offers you the best conditions.

Hanging or lying down, large or small quantities – everything for good taste.

KERRES Hybrid Air Technology has many advantages in terms of efficiency and quality of the end product. Regardless of which food you want to refine: sausage, fish or meat.

We are at home all over the world.

Alimentaria Barcelona /Spain

Alimentaria Barcelona /Spain

September 26-29, 2023

Process Expo Chicago/USA

Process Expo Chicago/USA

Oktober 23-25, 2023

Gulfood Manufacturing 2023 Dubai /United Arab Emirates

Gulfood Manufacturing 2023 Dubai /United Arab Emirates

November , 7-9. 2023