Capacity: 400 Boxes / h

High-tech for maximum performance!

• unit completely made of stainless steel
• drive adjustable
• large doors for cleaning and maintenance
• the unit is up to hygienic standard of the food industry
• modular design – extendable at any time – for example with modules for: remove of labels , cleaning of pallets, cold air and hot air blow-off, cleaning of moulds
• large variety of accessories
• quick and efficient cleaning and drying
• economical
• environmental friendly
• simple cleaning of the unit
• modular design
• completely standard with an high developed filter system

• Intake module: project-dependent
• Pre-wash module: project-dependent
• Main wash module: project-dependent
• Wash module: project-dependent
• Rinse module: project-dependent
• High pressure module: project-dependent
• Cold air blow-off: project-dependent
• Drying module: project-dependent
• Outlet module: project-dependent
• Conveyor system: project-dependent
• Filter technology: Standard design. Wide-mesh screen in each washing module, screen pipe in front of each pump
Subject to technical modifications

Data Sheet (PDF)

• Items to be washed: EU boxes E1-E3, (max.450 mm width/400 mm high).
• Crates with special dimensions, shapes, grids, etc. on request
• Capacity: 400 EU boxes/h
• Design:intake module, pre-wash module, mainwash module, rinse modul, drying, outlet module, automatic conveyor
system, height-adjustable feet
• Material: stainless steel 1.4301
• Control: Siemens S7,
• Stainless steel control cabinet, monitoring and control of the entire system