For conditioning and storing of pre-conditioned products

In order of optimally adapt your air conditioning post-maturing system to your needs, requirements and, in particular, your product, we look at and individually design each request.

flexible size from 1 up to 150 trolleys

Data sheet (PDF)

• unique 3D air circulation mixing unit can be placed in, behind or on top of the processing room
• heating energy: warm water, electric, high or low pressure steam
• cooling with: Freon/Frigen, Ammoniak, cold brine, glycol, R 64
• steam generation through the humidity of the product itself as also through electrical steam generation, low pressure steam or water injection via nozzles
• temperature range: +8°C up to +20°C
• relative humidity: from 76% to 80 %
• capacity/ room size: up to 120 trolleys
• step less speed control of the fan: air speed from 0,5 m/s – 3,0 m/s
• step less control of the changing flap motor
• fully automatic outside air conditioning
• cleaning through high pressure pump
• option: use of heat coming out of the cooling machine through installation of a additional heat exchanger

Advise for the practice: equipment for after conditioning should generally be 3-4 times bigger than the equipment for conditioning with smoke or for equipment for pre-conditioning.