Capacity: 320800 kg

With Kerres circulation technology with vertical reverse circulation

• ready to plug in delivery ex works- fast installation on the spot
• robust stainless steel construction
• fibreglass upgraded insulation
• integrated steam generator
• microprocessor control K-Touch 4012 available in many languages
• all current heating methods
• higher utilization of the unit and a consistent temperature distribution with reversing circulation
• gentle microprocessor-controlled processes
• Time and energy saving with high quality fibreglass upgraded insulation
• high vapour density and very low loss of weight with integrated steam generation
• approx.30% shorter cooking times with the proven KERRES reversing circulation

• dimensions: 158 cm w x 235 cm d x 315 cm h
• cooking truck: 101 cm x 103 cm x 202 cm
• electric connection: 53 kW
• heating power: el. 50,4 kW/Kcal steam 100 kg/h
• stock length: 100 cm
• capacity: 320-800 kg

Subject to technical modifications.

Data sheet (PDF)

• Use: cooking meat and sausage products, as well as other foods in the steam
• Temperature range: up to 100 ° C
• Humidifying / cooking: Adjustable interval automatic injection for self-generation of steam during cooking
• Circulation: 2-stage reverse circulation
• Material: stainless steel 1.4301 / 1.4571
• Control: microprocessor K-Touch 4012
• Design: 2-chamber system, treatment room made of V4A, fully thermally insulated, ready for connection