Suitable for all system types with an external smoke generator

• fully-automatic, external sawdust-smoke generator for crafts and industrial units
• stainless steel construction
• four different sizes
• hot and cold smoking possible
• suited to all kinds of sawdust with a graining of 1 to 6 mm
• user-friendly controls and cleaning
• very fine smoke flavour with sawdust smouldering
• microprocessor-controlled temperature monitoring

• Dimensions: 85x130x183 cm
• Power consumption: 2,1 kW
Subject to technical modifications

Data sheet (PDF)

• Use: For 4-car systems
• Application: hot and cold smoking
• Medium: sawdust, grain size 1-6 mm
• Smoke generation: fully automatic, electric sawdust ignition
• Functionality: saw blade dosage and air supply adjustable
• Safety: Automatic overheat protection device, level indicator for sawdust, temperature control, door safety
• Material: stainless steel 1.4301
• Design: Spark and dirt trap integrated, fully insulated, ready for connection