Capacity: 4801200 kg

With horizontal and vertical air flow.

• shorter smoking times
• higher output
• Energy saving
• low loss of weight
• absolute uniformity of the products
• fully automatic regenerative smoke generation
• all kinds of smoking processes: hot smoking, intensive smoking, cold smoking
• available for various heating systems: electric, gas, oil, steam
• environmental friendly
• floor passable, on request also for overhead trolley systems
• integrated bottom drainage
• easy to clean with integrated foam cleaning system
• microprocessor control, reliable repeatable processes
• available as closed or exhaust air reduced circulation system
• modular design: extendable, easy to assemble on the spot
• hanging and lying loading of the trucks
• compatible for all smoking systems: Wood chips, sawdust, friction smoke, liquid smoke

• Dimensions: 168x345x324 cm
• Required room height: 380 cm
• Stock length: 100 cm
• Capacity: 480-1200 kg
• Heating power electric: 97,2 kW
Subject to technical modifications

Data sheet (PDF)

• Use: drying, smoking, cooking, baking, frying, ripening, sweating,
• Temperature range: up to 150 ° C
• Humidifying / cooking: Interval automatic injection and integrated humidity measuring device selectable
• Circulation: Jet Smoke System, uniform smoking, cooking etc., horizontal + vertical air flow, shorter process time
• Cleaning: Foam cleaning system integrated
• Material: stainless steel 1.4301
• Control: microprocessor K-Touch 4012
• Design: 3-chamber system, with frequency converter, side-hung control box, fully insulated, ready for connection